CaveLigthing00-ERDMANNSHoHLE-HASELMost modern lighting in a form of very tiny LED diodes is used for lighting up in so many cases. It showed up as the most efficient in lighting up even the darkest places such as caves, underground fortifications, etc

LEDs can produce a very strong and cold light, particularly suitable for show caves, because it creates a much more pleasant environment for visitors. Thus by using LED lighting one can boost the development of cave tourism, while also minimizing the negative impacts that light produces inside caves, in general.

Caves are very popular tourist attractions but running a show cave in a cost effective way requires great organization, proper infrastructure and good marketing.IDAR-OBERSTEIN-GEMSTONE-MINE

Equipping and managing a show cave as a tourist attraction is a very delicate job that requires full wariness and professionalism. Underground attractions are supposed to present this world with all its mysteries and wonders, beauty and fragility. Cave visitors should have a great experience, while also producing a minimum impact on the cave ecosystem.

Today, there are more than 300 show caves in Europe, but for some reason, only a few of them determine people to return a second time. Why should it be so? The first reason that leads to such a perception of underground tourist attractions is a low quality of lighting. Others include:LED lampa-web

-        the general poor condition of a cave (lamp flora, mold on the walls, litter)

-        a low technical condition of routes and lighting equipment (rusty, slippery paths, broken steps, outdated lighting fixtures, cables visible along walkways, etc.)

-        the low quality of tours (boring and uninteresting)

-        the poor maintenance and care of caves (owners want to maximize profit by overcrowding caves and not caring about their ecological status)

Most of these problems can be addressed by using LED lighting instead of the classical lighting methods. The benefits of LED light fixtures which make them a top choice before other lamps are:

An example of LED lighting in underground artificial objects, Dillenburg Castle (Germany)

-        they need less energy to work so the energy consumption is decreased

-        better utilization

-        higher reliability

-        the possibility of dimming and smart management

-        small size and compact design

-        wide range of light colors

-        environmentally friendly because they don't contain harmful elements

-        the ability to work in difficult natural conditions

-        cold lighting that does not harm the cave inhabitants

-        the possibility of achieving a 3D effect by using appropriate lighting

-        easier monitoring and management

-        longer lifetime

Cavelighting pano22
An example of LED lighted educational panels

One of the biggest problems that can ruin a cave’s interior and its ornaments is the phenomenon known as “lamp flora”. Due to inadequate lighting and the use of heat producing classical lamps, algae and plants start growing in parts of the cave, where they wouldn’t in natural conditions. This phenomenon disrupts the natural environment, covers the ceilings, walls and ornaments and all this leads to the loss of the cave’s wealth and value. This negative phenomenon can be drastically reduced by LED lighting. By using light effects and suitable lamp fixtures that produce an adequate quantity of light and color it is possible to transform the cave interior into a totally new environment which is much more attractive and also comfortable for visitors.

An example of lighting exhibits inside the cave

''Cave Lighting''

logo-CaveLightingOne of the prominent manufacturers of LED lighting systems for show caves is the company named “Cave Lighting”. It is a German company which has been using LED lighting in their show cave projects and also other projects for many years. Actually, their field of interest is the complete equipment of modern show caves, project strategy, the manufacturing and installation of LED lighting systems as well as monitoring the whole system. So far they carried out projects across the whole Europe. Below is a list of show caves where “Cave Lighting” put their equipment and accessories.

What is actually “Cave Lighting” and what are the team’s interests?CaveLighting77

-        a consulting business (they made hundreds of presentations of their equipment and consulting offers for owners/managers of subterranean landmarks worldwide);

-        they have equipped 48 tourist attractions including brand new unique show caves. It means they did the whole work from planning to complete equipment installation (e.g. Herbstlabyrinth Cave in Germany), as well as restoration work for some attractions that had suffered from human activity/damage(e.g. Fundata Cave in Romania);

-        they partially or completely upgraded/replaced outdated electrical equipment and redesigned lighting systems in some of the oldest show caves in Europe (Postojnska jama in Slovenia, Grotte de Clamouse in France, Grotte de Han in Belgium);

-        for some caves they designed and installed electrical power supply systems, lighting systems, music and light systems (DMX-shows), monitoring systems, everything according to the customers’ requests and caves’ specifications (Prometeus Cave in Georgia)

-        their specialists also developed a unique software which integrates all of the above mentioned systems into one network allowing for remote controlling and correcting operations - something similar to a “smart home” system (Hollgrötten Cave in Switzerland)

 Cavelighting Dechen-color
An example of color LED lighting usage, Dechen Cave, Germany

“Cave Lighting” is constantly developing and keeping up with modern scientific achievements, and also cooperating with leading speleological organizations and associations (ISCA, UIS, VDHK, Karst Institute (Postojna), speleological clubs in different countries, etc.). They also continue to improve their equipment and invest in their specialists’ self-development.

Karta CavelightingEU

Interactive map of finished projects

More amazing photos you can see in the Cave Lighting photo gallery

The list of all projects made by Cave Lighting can be downloaded in a pdf form (271 KB) Link

You can see video from the Crystal caves from the Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean Sea. The LED lighting project in this cave was done by Cave Lighting in May 2015.

Author: MSc. Edina Hasanspahić

Source: BhDOCumentary

Fotos: Cave Lighting, Germany


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